The Pharaoh’s Treasure

You’re a group of treasure hunters that discovered the tomb of a pharaoh but are trapped in room running out of oxygen.

3-6 Persons
60 Minutes

Enter Room

The Psycho’s Identity

You wake up in a room, chained to the wall, with 5 strangers.  A psycho abducted you and has left a ticking bomb.

6 Persons
60 Minutes

Enter Room

The Rebel’s Target

You are a member of a secret team looking to decipher a rebel enemy’s attack headed your way.

4-8 Persons
60 Minutes

Enter Room


Weekdays $25 per Person
Weekends $28 per Person


Monday – Wednesday 7PM – 9:30PM
Thursday, Friday 7PM – 10PM
Saturday, Sunday 5PM – 10PM



Ready to get out? Good! But first you must get locked in!
Do you have what it takes to find your way out of the confines of an enclosed space in less than one hour? Are you smart, clever, and quick enough to make it out before the clock strikes zero?

Prepare yourself to see what you’re really made out of. Follow the clues, the evidence, and put it all together like a jigsaw puzzle in this fun and electrifying game . You’ll have to work with your team to find your way out. There are no clearly defined ‘exit signs’ here. There are no arrows pointing you to the nearest exit. You are all in the same situation: enclosed by the very same 4 walls. Time is of the essence. Think fast and think now! The clock is ticking…

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